1. What are the delivery days for my apartment?
To know your Delivery Days, please connect with us on any of the numbers given below:
Fatema: 70222 37584
Arwa: 63622 22740
Vidya: 96638 93077
2. Where or how can I see the products info- like ingredients, shelf-life etc.?
Click on the desired product, below that you will find a pop up message with the entire product description and ingredients list. On the Product Image, you can view product related information like - vegan, gluten-free, jain food etc.
3. Does your product/s contain any preservatives?
There are absolutely no preservatives in any of our products. All our products are completely homemade with a traditional touch and prepared with utmost hygiene & care.
4. Where can I find Jain specific products?
On the product itself, specifications and details are provided for Jain products. Alternatively, you can simply search for Jain products and explore one by one.
5. What time do you deliver the orders?
We deliver in the morning between 5.00 am to 8.00 am on your specific delivery days.
6. I have not received my order. Where do I check the status?
Please check your E-mail in this case. If delivered, you will be informed through your mail about the delivery status. Alternatively, you can also log in to F2F portal and track your order by clicking on ‘My Orders’. In case of any trouble, please contact any of our admins whose number is provided.
Fatema: 70222 37584
Arwa: 63622 22740
Vidya: 96638 93077
7. My payment has gone through but my order status is showing as pending.
Please connect with one of our admins whose contact number is given above. They will help you regarding the same.
8. Are all batters and Chutneys fresh? For how long can we use them?
Our batters and chutneys come under Ultra-Fresh category. The shelf-life of batters is 5 days-on proper refrigeration and all chutneys for 2 days except Coconut chutney which can last only up to 1 day. You can use these chutneys for a week by freezing them properly.
9. What is your refund / replacement policy? Who can we contact?
Please connect with one of our admins for any queries regarding refund/ replacement. They will do the needful.
10. Will I be notified if a product is missed from my order? When can I expect the delivery?
We will keep you posted if any product is missing from our end. Incase, if you don’t hear from us, Please connect with our admins and we will do the needful immediately.
11. I am having trouble doing online payment. Can we do direct Gpay/Paytm ?
Please connect with one of our admins in this case. We will take it as an offline order and you can directly do Gpay/Paytm to the number given by our admins.